Shree Gogan Secondary School, Lekhanath-13 Gagan Gaunda, Kaski - Entertainment Zone

Shree Gogan Secondary School, Lekhanath-13 Gagan Gaunda, Kaski

Shree Gogan Secondary School

  ۩ Location Lekhanath-13 Gagan Gaunda, Kaski

🎒 Level     : Public, Government

🏚 Board     : National Examination Board (NEB)
📱 Contact  : 061-560645

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Gogan Secondary School is located in Lekhanath-13 Gagan Gaunda, Kaski . This secondary school is affiliated with National Examination Board (NEB) and offers plus two (10+2) programs.

Offering Courses 

1)Ten Plus Two Education - National Examination Board (NEB)

Ten Plus two in Education course is the foundations of education for the teachers at the Lower Secondary Level. It is designed for the purpose of imparting basic understanding and developing several important aspects such as, educational background and its development. The course intends to impart meaning, general views, functions of education, as well as education as a system; it also intends to give general knowledge about prominent educationists, curriculum, educational administration, modern trends in education, guidance and counseling and education aspects in Nepal.This subject aims to find out interrelated factors involved in an education system of Nepal. It elaborates the meaning, nature, and functions of education to the students who are the ‘would be’ teachers of tomorrow. One understands the meaning, importance and elements of curriculum. It teaches the students the methods, procedures concepts and importance of guidance and counseling which will help them to be a better leader in the future. Education showcases the trends of education and educational administration in our society and relates the historical perspectives of education to it.There is a misconception that one has to be a teacher if one pursues Education. But it is not true. A student of Education can be a good leader or guide in any sort of organizations. As he possesses the knowledge about the overall national educational status he can work at a policy level in national level organizations. He can work as a senior advisor in various national projects and can make plans and policies of overall national educational system. He can manage the education system from eastern part of the nation to the far-west. Likewise, he can also work in various NGOS and INGOS related to education. Education is a very broad and global phenomenon and limiting education stream to a single profession is a misunderstanding that needs to be elucidated


Students will to enroll in grade 11 must score 1.6 GPA and fulfill following criteria.

 2) Ten Plus Two Management - National Examination Board (NEB)

The saying 'A bad son chooses commerce and a bad daughter chooses Nursing as a career’ no longer holds true today. The trend has reversed over the decade. Now, management is the preferred choice of most students.Plus two in management course is designed to develop a strong foundation on management studies. Students learn to become competent, confident and academically sound in their area of study and will therefore have the benefit of deciding, at the end of course, what aspects of business management studies would interest them at under graduate programs. The faculty offers courses designed to deliver both theoretical foundation and practical knowledge in Business Management, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism Management.


The objective of this program is to impart fundamental knowledge in basic areas of management so that it forms a stepping stone for higher level of management study. In this level, students will be introduced to the concepts, subject matter and elementary skills in various functional areas of management like general management, accountancy, finance, office practices and marketing. The students passing this level will be capable of undertaking various junior level management activities.

Related courses 

  • GCE A level Non-Science - Cambridge Assessment International Education
  • Ten Plus Two Humanities - National Examination Board (NEB)
  • Ten Plus Two Science - National Examination Board (NEB)
  • XI Commerce - CBSE

Admission criteria

Students and parents should know details about the course the student want to pursue and the students should left free to study the course of their choice based on an optimal combination of their interest/passion, and competence.

Salient features

After passing SLC, you wont be able to enroll in any colleges. Top plus two colleges offering +2 in Management takes entrance examination and enroll students who secured good marks in entrance examination. The marks (grade) you secured in SLC and the marks you obtained in entrance examination determines your eligibility to enroll in any specific college (some takes average but some college gives more weightage to entrance examination).

Based on the rank of the college, you have to get minimum score (grade) prescribed by that college to sit for the entrance examination. To know about each college's admission rules, please visit the college or view membership profile of this college in edusanjal.


Students will to enroll in grade 11 and study following subjects (Mathematics/Accountancy/Economics/Computer Science/Teaching Mathematics/Elements of Finance/Jyotish/Business Mathematics/Cooperative Management, Business Studies/Geography/Psychology) must score

  • GPA: 1.6
  • C Mathematics
  • D+ English, Nepali, in Social and Nepali
  • Job prospectus

After passing +2 in Management students may get starting level jobs in Banking institutions or administrative posts in any private/public institutions. This may require some training related with the nature of Jobs.

Most students will be enrolled to Bachelor level programs in Management stream. Some of the popular Management courses in Bachelor level are BBA (Which is offered by most of the Nepalese University e.g., Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Purbachal University) or international universities), BBS (Tribhuvan University), BHM, BTTM, BBA-BI etc.

Curricular structure

                                                                  Course Structure 
3) Ten Plus Two Science - National Examination Board (NEB)

Pursuing +2 in Science is suitable for the students opting to create/join a career in the field of Science and Technology and related disciplines. 10 + 2 in science entitles a student with the eligibility to pursue a career in the field of Medicine, Engineering and other applied and theoretical natural science sectors.

Computer Group: This is for the students interested in Computer and allied fields.
Physical Group: This also for students opting for Engineering and allied fields of Physical Sciences.
Biological Group: This is for the students interested in medicine and allied fields as well as Bio Sciences.
Plus two in Science offers an integrated package in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. The program aims to equip students with a level fit for further studies in technology, medicine, engineering and biotechnology. Plus two in Science is for those students who have an aptitude for science and mathematics. This program aims to develop strong foundation in students. On completion students can pursue their further studies in medicine, engineering or other science related studies.

Related courses 

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  • GCE A level- Science - Cambridge Assessment International Education
  • Ten Plus Two Education - National Examination Board (NEB)
  • Ten Plus Two Humanities - National Examination Board (NEB)
  • Ten Plus two in Animal Science - National Examination Board (NEB)
  • Ten Plus two in Civil Engineering - National Examination Board (NEB)
  • Ten Plus Two Management - National Examination Board (NEB)

Salient features
People's Perception regarding Science:
Most students (and their parents), who have got good scores in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) prefer to take up Science in grade XI.

Most students who scored distinction (A+/A) are persuaded to study Science. Teachers, Guardians say, "you should study science as your grades are good enough to study science". They also keep on telling, "Science has better career scope than Management, Humanities and Education".

+2 in Science is deemed even more important because it opens doors to every discipline. "After completing Science in +2, students can pursue higher studies in any discipline- agriculture, forestry, or even Management and Humanities.

Students will to enroll in grade 11 Science Subject Group (Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics/Computer Science/Agriculture) must score

  • GPA: 2
  • C+ in Science and Math
  • C in English
  • D+ in Social and Nepali
  • Job prospectus

Hopefully, you are not expecting job right after passing +2 in Science, but you may get some part time jobs at school (to teach Mathematics/Science or home tuition to mentor school level students). You will be eligible to sit for the subba level examination of public service commission (lok sewa aayog).

Most of the students pursue different fields after passing + 2 in Science. SOme of the possible available study options are:

Medical: Most of the +2 students of Biology stream, dreams to become doctor, either self interest or pressure from parents plays a major role for this selection. These type of students get enroll to some entrance preparation institution right after giving examination of +2 Science. In Nepal, KU, TU, BPKIHS and Patan Academy of health sciences offers MBBS program via their constituent schools or affiliated colleges. BDS is also a very popular course among students. If you wish to serve the community with preventative measures, research and campaigns BPH course may be a right course for you. For students who like to work in laboraroty courses like B.Sc MLT, BMIT are also available. Other course options includes Bachelor in Pharmacy, Bachelor in Medical Microbiology etc.

Engineering: Engineering is the passion for this group of students. Various Engineering programs are offered in Nepal by Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University and Pokhara University. Bachelor in Civil Engineering is one of the most popular course among students because of availability of jobs in local market. Bachelor in Electronics and communication, Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Bachelor in Eletrical Engineering, Bachelor in Geomatics, Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering , BE in Information and Technology are other available course options in Nepal.

Computer and IT: Various computer and IT related courses are now offered in Nepal. Some of them BSc. CSIT, BE-IT, BIT, BCA, BE Computer Engineering and BE in software Engineering. Students of other disciplines can also enroll in programs like BCA. To know about individual courses, you can browse course section of edusanjal.

Science and Technology: After plus two you may pursue various science and technology courses with specialization on particular subject of your interest such as Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Statistics etc.

Management: If you find +2 science boring and want to change the fields, there are various Management courses for you. Studying Management after +2 in science wont decrease your reputation in society and is not the sign of failure, but may open unlimited opporutnies for you. You will be eligible to enroll in programs like BBA, BHM, BTTM, BBA-BI, BBS etc after plus two in Science.

Curricular structure

Course Structure

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