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TinyML: Machine Learning with TensorFlow Lite on Arduino and Ultra-Low-Power Microcontrollers

author/Pete Warden & Daniel Situnayake

Deep learning networks are getting smaller. Much smaller. The Google Assistant team can detect words with a model just 14 kilobytes in size—small enough to run on a microcontroller. With this practical book you’ll enter the field of TinyML, where deep learning and embedded systems combine to make astounding things possible with tiny devices.

Pete Warden and Daniel Situnayake explain how you can train models small enough to fit into any environment. Ideal for software and hardware developers who want to build embedded systems using machine learning, this guide walks you through creating a series of TinyML projects, step-by-step. No machine learning or microcontroller experience is necessary.

Build a speech recognizer, a camera that detects people, and a magic wand that responds to gestures
Work with Arduino and ultra-low-power microcontrollers
Learn the essentials of ML and how to train your own models
Train models to understand audio, image, and accelerometer data
Explore TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers, Google’s toolkit for TinyML
Debug applications and provide safeguards for privacy and security
Optimize latency, energy usage, and model and binary size
O'Reilly Media; December 2019
ISBN: 978-3-511-29348-2
Edition: 1
Title: TinyML
Author: Pete Warden; Daniel Situnayake
Imprint: O'Reilly Media
Language: English

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